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4. Text in JetPack Compose

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

What's Text?

If you are an Android developer, it's a TextView.

If you new to Android programming, it's just a label or paragraph.

1. Text Size

Change the text size using fontSize parameter

fun TextWithSize(label : String, size : TextUnit) {
    Text(label, fontSize = size)

//TextWithSize("Big text",40.sp) -- call this method 

2. Text Color

Change the text color using color parameter

fun ColorText() {
  Text("Color text", color = Color.Blue)

3. Bold Text

Use fontWeight parameter to making the bold text

fun BoldText() {
    Text("Bold text", fontWeight = FontWeight.Bold)

4. Italic Text

Use fontStyle paramter to making the italic text

fun ItalicText() {
    Text("Italic Text", fontStyle = FontStyle.Italic)

5. Maximum number of lines

To limit the number of visible lines in a Text composable, set the maxLines parameter:

fun MaxLines() {
    Text("hello ".repeat(50), maxLines = 2)

6. Text Overflow

When limiting a long text, you may want to indicate a text overflow, which is only shown if the displayed text is truncated. To do so, set the textOverflow parameter:

fun OverflowedText() {
    Text("Hello Compose ".repeat(50), maxLines = 2, overflow = TextOverflow.Ellipsis)

7. Selectable Text

By default, composables aren’t selectable, which means by default users can't select and copy text from your app. To enable text selection, you need to wrap your text elements with a SelectionContainer composable:

fun SelectableText() {
    SelectionContainer {
        Text("This text is selectable")


Refer our blog about TextStyle

Refer official documentation for more details

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